Dr. Amanda Pittman grew up in a small Louisiana town about halfway between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Essentially, this means that she can cook both Cajun and Creole food! She graduated with college honors in 2001 from Louisiana State University and went on to graduate from veterinary school in 2005, also from LSU. She will be a purple and gold Tiger for all of her days, but living in Knoxville since 2005 and having a son at the University of Tennessee means that some “Big Orange” has found its way in to her heart as well.

After several years of practicing conventional medicine and three years practicing emergency medicine, she became very comfortable caring for difficult internal medicine cases and emergency situations. She has received additional training in ultrasound and can perform basic abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiograms. Over time, she began to see a tremendous need for additional relief in her geriatric and critically ill patients and began investigating alternative options. When her own senior dog, Boudreaux, began to have trouble getting around himself, she went back to school, and she was awarded the title of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner from the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed externships in this field at the University of Tennessee and also at Loving Touch in Stone Mountain, GA.

Through her rehabilitation training at Loving Touch and her prior work with Fountain City Animal Hospital, she was exposed to acupuncture and other holistic methods. She went on to train at the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL and received her Certified Veterinary Acupuncture degree. She completed an integrative externship at the Chattanooga Holistic Animal Institute in Chattanooga, TN. Along with acupuncture training, she learned the basics of veterinary Herbology and Tui-Na, a medical massage technique that uses acupuncture points to treat illness in the body. She has also completed advanced training in their Food Therapy program, and will receive certification in that discipline as well, pending approval of her case study.

Dr. Pittman is currently studying veterinary spinal manipulation at the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute in Florida, and certification in that discipline is scheduled for October of this year.

Next year, Dr. Pittman hopes to receive training in musculoskeletal imaging, a modality that will allow her to better diagnose tears in tendons and ligaments. This is a vital tool in determining the true need for surgery and choosing appropriate rehabilitation options.

She is also hoping to add ozone therapy and regenerative medicine as soon as possible.

Dr. Pittman is a true believer in the power of integrative medicine. Technology has created advanced diagnostic techniques, allowing us to catch disease at its earliest stages, making the Western world a true modern-day marvel. However, the power of Mother Nature and her healing abilities must not be overlooked.  There are, at times, a true need for fast-acting modern pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, but in almost every disease process, we can find a natural alternative to allow the body to heal itself, the way it was intended.

AWRC was founded in the hopes of partnering with pet parents so that they will have the knowledge of all available options for their pets. Ultimately, the veterinarian and pet parent need to work side by side to determine what the best options for each individual pet will be. Our pets give us unconditional love and devotion every day. They deserve the gift of lifetime wellness from us. Dr. Pittman will continue to devote her life to the betterment of animals through nature and also through their bond with their humans.

Dr. Pittman is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians, American Animal Hospital Association, and American Association of Feline Practitioners. She shares her life with her husband, 2 teenage boys, a dog, and 2 cats. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, camping, reading, kayaking, and spending time with family and friends.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Audrey graduated with a degree in Veterinary Science Technology from SUNY @ Delhi.  Though originally AALAS certified and starting a career in research, she decided the personal touch with client’s animals would be more rewarding.  Audrey has been licensed and worked in small, mixed and exotic practices in multiple states before settling in TN.  While still working, she served as the eastern representative for the Tennessee Veterinary Technician Association and was selected to be on the accreditation team for LMU.  She has a strong work ethic and a dedication for your pet whether she is using her talents as a technician in the exam room, laboratory, pharmacy, surgery suite, and radiology room, or as the staff practice manager, running the front desk, answering your phone calls, or making sure that the inventory is stocked and ordered.

At home, Audrey cares for her chickens, bees, dogs, two children and a loving husband (Go Navy).  Her hobbies include sewing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, playing the piano, singing, caring for family and friends, supporting our military and law enforcement and trying to enjoy each day to its fullest.  Several years ago, she experienced a spinal fracture but with the right surgeon and dedication to physical therapy, she has made a full recovery.  After the spinal reconstruction, rehabilitation offered relief and flexibility needed to function with minimal medications to control the pain, while still continuing the work in the field she loves.  A desire for quality of life for ourselves and our animals is her true calling.

When asked why she chose to work at AWRC, Audrey replied:

“Animals are stoic, and their pain signals can be very subtle and vague.  It’s sometimes difficult for clients to find the source of pain and reduce distress and anxiety:  I like that challenge, and we can help.  I enjoy being surrounded by an educated, caring staff that offers multiple methods in which to alleviate the discomfort of our furry friends.  Pets deserve to be comfortable- after all, they give us so much love and devotion.  I can relate to the pain, having gone through the discomfort and recovery of a painful event myself, so I wanted to work at a place where the same level of healing could happen- signing on with AWRC was a no-brainer.”


veterinary assistant | REHABILITATION CENTER lead assistant & coordinator

Hannah Wolf joined the AWRC family in 2019 and is AWRC’s rehabilitation department manager. When she is not helping with exams, scheduling rehab sessions, or talking with clients, you will find her working directly with our patients in the rehab room. Hannah grew up in Colorado and moved to the Knoxville area in 2018. She has been working with animals for most of her life, and has been a veterinary assistant since 2014. She has 2 chocolate labs and 5 cats that keep her on her toes daily. Her favorite hobby to do outside of work is compete in dog sports- especially dock diving, which is why she has such a passion for physical rehabilitation. She also loves training dogs and spending quality time with her fellow dog-loving friends.


veterinary assistant | DOG TRAINER

Christy grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio and moved to Knoxville in 2005. She joined the
AWRC family in the spring of 2020. Animals have been her passion since she was a
small child. Christy specifically has a passion for working with fearful animals and
helping them develop positive associations. With her experience as a Doggy Day Camp
Counselor and Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer, she excels at reading animal body
language and cues to ensure that your pet has a positive experience. Christy is excited
to be learning new skills as a veterinary assistant and hopes to attend veterinary
technician school. When Christy isn’t working, she enjoys boxing, roller blading, and
working in her garden. Christy shares her life with her husband Tony, their 3 dogs, 2
cats, and several tarantulas.


veterinary assistant

Judy Bushee joined the AWRC family in early 2019 after moving to the Knoxville area from
Florida. She has been a veterinary assistant since the late 1980’s, and much of that time has
been spent working in holistic practices. Judy brought with her a wealth of management
experience and knowledge. She is our primary client service representative, and is our liaison
for Trupanion Pet Insurance as well as our online pharmacy. She partnered with Dr. Pittman to
make “Boudreaux’s Essentials,” our all-natural line of essential oil-based products for pets.
When she is not working, she enjoys fishing, riding her motorcycle, and gardening. She even
takes care of the gardens at AWRC! Last year, she proudly welcomed her first grandchild. At
home, she is owned by 3 cats, 1 dog, and a bird.